WSA World Congress 2005 Tunisia

The World Summit Award Gala was held in Tunis on November 16, 2005. It was the highlight of the UN World Summit on Information Society (WSIS). 500 high-level guests – among them UNESCO Director-General Ko?chiro Matsuura (in the picture) and UNIDO Director-General Kandeh Yumkella attended the World Summit Award Gala.
For more information on the WSA 2005 Gala in Tunis please find all details here.

A visual presentation of the WSA 2005 Gala event in Tunis can be viewed in the picture book with high representatives from government and private sectors. Get an idea about the event and view the WSA 05 Gala Video here.

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to the Government of Tunisia for hosting the World Summit Award Congress.