Project Manager
UNDP Azerbaijan / MInistry of Communications & High Technologies

Nariman Hajiyev was the Director of the joint project of UNDP and the Ministry of Communications of Azerbaijan, entitled “National E-Governance Network Initiative”. He has already provided his invaluable assistance while working over the National E-Government Contest in the year 2005. He is the member of a number of institutions, like “VITA” ICT Academy, and also is involved in a number of in-country ICT initiatives as an expert. Mr. Hajiyev has also been involved into the process of development of the first automated translation system from Azeri into a number of European languages. Also, at the moment, the working group of the project under his supervision is performing over the pilot “Info booth” project, which is targeted to enable all the citizens of the country to use the e-Gov applications through the specific info booths to be installed in all the regions of the country. He's done with his PhD andthe topic is also dedicated to thee-Governance.

Currently Mr. Hajiyev is National Project Manager of the joint project of UNDP and the Ministry of Communications of Azerbaijan, entitled“Modernization of Sustainability and Efficiency of ICT infrastructure and ICT services in the Republic of Azerbaijan”. The Project under supervision of Mr. Hajiyev will assist the Government of Azerbaijan to extend the reach the Information and Communication Technologies with a view to increase efficiency of the public sector institutions, maximize socio-economic impact of ICTs on businesses and people, and to maintain multi-stakeholder dialogue about bridging the digital divide at the regional level. To achieve this complex objective, the project will pursue multiple partnerships with international organizations (UNDESA, UNECE, UNPAN and others), national and local authorities in Azerbaijan, civil society, business circles and bilateral partners. The project will have 6 components: 1) development of National ICT Strategy (2013-2020); 2) expansion and upgrade of AzDataCom network; 3) establishment of Public Private Partnership Specialist Centre on ICT/Broadband; 4) building of national capacities for e-participation; 5) awareness raising on Open Government data; 6) establishment of operational framework for EurACA; and 7) establishment of Data Center in Azerbaijan.

Moreover Mr. Hajiyev was the organizer and focal point of several internationally pivotal events, such as the 7th Annual Internet Governance Forum on “Internet Governance for Sustainable Human, Economic and Social Development” organized by the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the United Nations Development Programme on 6-9 November 2012 in Azerbaijan, the Regional Internet Governance Forums 2013 & 2014 in Azerbaijan respectively on topics of “Internet as an Engine for Regional Growth and Advancement” and “Multi-stakeholder Platform for Regional Economic Growth and Cultural Development via ICT".

Executive Director
NGO «Information Society»

Sergei Enin is a Doctor of Science and a Senior Research Associate of the National Academy of Science. From 1968 till 1990, Mr Enin worked in the Institute of Technique Cybernetics under the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Belarus and published more than 50 scientific works. From 1994 Mr Enin started specializing in theoretic problems of informatization and transition to the information-oriented society. Sergei Enin made more than 40 publications on the problems of information resources development and use, and application of information and analytical technologies in the process of state government and creation of the National Information Policy of the Republic of Belarus. Sergei Enin is a member of the National Expert Council for Information Technologies under the State Committee on Science and Technologies (SCST), a member of the Board of Academics of the Belarusian Institute for System Analysis and Information Support of the Science and Technology at the SCST, a member of the Editorial Board of the specialized scientific and production journal of the Ministry of Communication and Informatization called «Vesnic Suvyazi». Since 1999, Sergei Enin is an executive director of the NGO «Information society» that employs more than 500 specialists in the sphere of ICT and aims to encourage and promote the development of the national information and communication structure and strategy and transition of the Republic of Belarus to the information-oriented society. Mr Enin supervised a range of projects of international technical aid, financed by the EU, World Bank, Development Programs of the UN.

Internet Society Belgium

Since 1998, Rudi Vansnick has been a member of ISOC (Belgian Chapter), and he currently serves as the Society’s Chairman. He worked at several projects (Internet, Intranet, and Extranet) for Belgian companies as well as for government and national associations.
His 30 years experience in ICT was a perfect basis for the study ISOC Belgium together with EROV made on the usage of ICT in the Social Profit sector in East-Flanders. In 2005 Rudi got for the first time involved in the World Summit Award organisation (national expert and grand jury member). December 2006 Rudi participated in the International Conference in Washington focusing on the Rights and Protection of Children in the Web 2.0 World.
2007 became the year of his presence in ICANN structures. Founding member of EURALO, he participates actively in the ALACAt Large Structures. Involved in national matters in relation to domain names, registry and registrars, he focuses specifically on issues of cyber security in relation to registries and registrars.
April 2008 the general assembly of TIK vzw (usersgroup Telecom & Internet customers in Belgium - some 10.000 members) elected a new board chaired by Rudi for a mandate of 3 years. During the 33rd ICANN meetings in Cairo, Rudi got elected ALAC liaison ccNSO.

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Head of IT Department
Technical University of Moldova

Mr. Besliu is representing the Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies in the WSA Expert Panel. He is Head of Department of the IT Department of the Technical University of Moldova and has served as National expert in many UNDP projects, eg: “eSEE ICT Sector Status Report”, “eGovernment”, “ICT for Development” and others.
He has published More than 100 scientific works on issues like: information systems, Information Society, e-Government, control systems, computer networks and pattern recognition.

Co-Founder and CEO

Anton is the Co-Founder and CEO of MontePass, the first Montenegrin CV Generator, awarded as best innovative idea and best young entrepreneur in Montenegro.
Already during his studies, Anton started several businesses, such as: - Montenegrin first information technology webportal
Montenegro Accommodation - a travel portal dedicated to tourist facilities in Montenegro - a website for travellers - a web design studio making free webpages for businesses.

Anton currently studies a postgraduate study for Entrepreneurial Economics. He is a bachelor in Information Systems and Technologies at UDG.

Interactive Producer and Project Manager
TV 2 Norway

Kristian Bruaroy studied and worked with digital media and content distribution since 1998 with key skills to focus on the user experience, including the content itself and how to interactively engage the user. His projects are deployed on several kinds of devices, from Handheld and Mobile products, to computers and devices connected to the big screen. As a project manager he also has the knowledge and skills to define and establish production chains for digital products and digital content delivery. Having a broad international contact network from all aspects of the broadcast media industry, he is often invited as speaker related to digital products and innovation which had helped him to establish a broad contact network inside media, software innovation, the governmental innovation institutions and Universities.

ESI Center Eastern Europe

George Sharkov is the Director of ESI Center Eastern Europe – the regional excellence center of European Software Institute in Sofia. He graduated Mathematics and Computer Science at Sofia University in 1986, obtained PhD in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), specialized in applied informatics and applied research in biophysics and genetics (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and University of Gent – Belgium). Since 1994 he is leading international teams and projects for software and information systems in the fields of banking and finances, online trading, e-business and e-commerce solutions, internet exchanges and B2B markets, interactive and cross media systems. Among the initiators of BASSCOM (Bulgarian Association of Software Companies – and Chairman since the year of2001. Founder and manager of ESI Center Bulgaria ( since 2004. Qualified instructor in SPI (Software Process Improvement), implementation of CMMI, accredited ITMark instructor and appraiser. Initiator and promoter of the international initiatives for ICT regional branding and competitiveness. One of the initiators of the ICT Cluster Bulgaria.

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Project Manager

Romanian and Middle East schools. In 2005 his Computer based educational system was awarded within the World Summit Award in the cagetory e-learning. He graduated in Mathematics and Computer Science and has obtained a PHD in virtual reality about “Project based eLearning on multitouch technologies”. Since 1988, he is member of the computer science committee of the Romanian ministry of education.

Managing Director
Cluster 55

Mr. Micael Gustafsson works as the managing director for Cluster 55, a network organization for the ICT Industry in the Øresund region (the cross boarder region between Sweden and Denmark). Mr. Gustafsson has been managing several projects and built a user driven centre for developing mobile services in the  Øresund region. Has 10 years of experience of management, recently as a Sales Director in a lager IT-company. Has started several companies in ICT, consulting and marketing. Experience from Information Technology, Telecom Marketing and Advertising, Automotive Industry and Consulting. Also longer experience from coaching within sports as a soccer coach. Is a true entrepreneur used to work and a very high speed and creative environment. Focused on delivering results but also work on a strategic level. 

Media enterpreneur
Fullmoon Interactive Solutions

Herman van Oorschot (1955) is a media entrepreneur, publisher, interactive media/communications specialist and consultant.  Trained at the University of Amsterdam as a business administration professional, he soon found out that his real passion was in publishing and information processing, especially the way in which computers are continually changing the way people work and live. He learned to appreciate the power of storytelling to guide the processes of change. The internet brought all these together.
Herman van Oorschot is a serial entrepreneur, setting up DentalTube, a video based online platform for dental professionals (2009); Media Consulting Group Amsterdam (2009); Fullmoon Interactive Solutions, online agency (1999); Maki Media, digital information service on electronic media for children (1998-2003); CD Media Review, trade magazine for the emerging CD media market (1992-1993); Clipboard Publications / Win Magazine (1991-2001), Van Oorschot & Partners, Editorial agency for multi channel publications (1989-2003). He was a publisher for Wolters Kluwer in charge of computer publications such as Software Magazine (1985-1989). And a research fellow for the Dutch National Hospital Institute (1982-1985).
Herman van Oorschot is chairman of the business club Communication Chapter in Amsterdam, member of the editorial board of the magazine for Dutch Dentists and a former board member of the publishing house Keesings Historisch Archief.