"Young producers set the standards."

A lot of opportunities, many challenges: Dorothy Gordon, Director General of the Ghana India Kofi Annan Center for Excellence in ICT, shares her views about the development of e-content in an emerging market.

Content for special local needs

In Ghana, standardization to global norms in product design is found, but on the other hand, more and more content for special local needs gets developed.

Combinations of old and new media

The digital divide is an issue in Ghana, when you think about the differences in bandwidth connection speed. This also affects the content gap. On the other hand, this reality results in some interesting combinations of old and new media, where for example Radio, TV and Apps work together to reach different market segments. This leads to the creation of some really innovative products.

Active communities

Young producers are on the cutting edge – they set the standards. It is the young people who have the ideas, not some old grey-headed guys. Young people have active communities across the continents. No problem for a young producer from Estonia to do some business with his friend over in Argentina!

The drive is coming from women

The special task for us is to bring more women online with content that meets the women’s personal needs. And this has to be content which uses our first language, not English – the internet is still too western orientated. The women have to learn to not only use, but also to actively create content for their own needs. The drive is indeed coming from women themselves, and a lot of gender-related initiatives are on their way.

A rapidly moving field

I am pretty impressed with the technological skills we have here in Ghana; our social marketing is very advanced. But our young producers have to learn how to talk to investors, to go where real business gets done. The ICT industry is a rapidly moving field. Building up a stable business in this field means that you have to acquire some commercial skills. Try to focus on the distinctive features of certain markets, understand your audience, and find a way to keep your business initiative sustainable.