WSA Global Champion Livox and DLT: A transcontinental business success

Take an amazing app that helps people with disabilities to communicate, let the developer present his digital innovation in front of an international audience of ICT experts, govermental representatives and investors, and wait for the magic to happen.

This is, in simple words what appened to LIVOX and its creator Carlos Pereira; our WSA mobile Winner  and Global Champion in the m-Inclusion & Empowerment category.

Our sponsoring partner DLT, an eLearning company in Saudi Arabia, attended the winners pitches in at the WSA mobile Global Congress 2015 in Abu Dhabi and immediately recognized the value that Livox could have in the Arabic speaking countries.

Carlos Pereira just signed an agreement with DLT and the app will now be available as a joint-venture in Arabic speaking countries. DLT's investion ensures a huge step forward for the Livox team in the upcoming strategic and operative steps.

This success story proves once more how  the World Summit Award has real impact on the society, showing off the importance and the power of this unique global network.

Thanks to this collaboration, LIVOX will soon help millions of people with disabilities in the Arabic World to communicate!