Bitstrips for Schools

Bitstrips Inc.

Bitstrips for Schools is a groundbreaking educational website that enables any student to create, share and collaborate on amazing comics without having to draw, and gives teachers an entirely new teaching medium. Based on the educational premise of differentiated instruction for different learning styles and multiple intelligences, Bitstrips for Schools engages kids by making the process of writing more visual, interactive and fun. It introduces elements of identity, role-play and digital storytelling to schoolwork, letting students demonstrate their learning in a more personal and creative way. Since launching in September 2009, Bitstrips for Schools has been used by over 60,000 teachers and 600,000 students in every grade and virtually every subject. Over 20,000 kids log on each day and create 20,000 new comics! By attending to the different needs of students, rather than relying on one mode of communication or one mode of literacy, Bitstrips for Schools demonstrates that hands-on interactive learning engages students in ways that traditional instruction simply can't match.

Jury Evaluation: 

Bitstrips has raised the bar of Edutainment to a new level or even better, it has created a new category for web and education: EduFUN!

There’s no better learning experience than when the students have fun and learn. This is the case for Bitstrips, an impressive demonstration on how ITC’s can create new tools for education using old communication media like cartoons.

From the very beginning teachers and students are engaged with a beautifully executed interface design and after a couple of seconds the students are already creating their characters and bringing them to life in their stories. For teachers the database works seamlessly to present the students’ work, asses it and publish it to the class and to parents.

With Bitstrips, everything is perfectly integrated in a unique platform where teachers have the control, students create and collaborate and parents can see the result. It is remarkable how Bitstrips integrates the whole education community in a web product with style, fun and filled with interaction.