My cpf – CPF Service Transformation

Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB)

My cpf – CPF Service Transformation has revolutionised public service delivery in Singapore. Close engagement with citizens and the innovative use of Infocomm Technology (IT) has resulted in a suite of retirement planning e-services customised to suit citizens’ individual life events. Most importantly, the e-services are accessible to all citizens regardless of their IT savvy. The “different strokes for different folks” approach accommodates the retirement planning and IT ability of diverse citizens. To educate and empower an aging, but increasingly sophisticated, population to plan early for a secure retirement, interactive retirement planning tools and content are presented from the user perspective. My cpf – CPF Service Transformation also caters to citizens at opposite ends of the IT skills spectrum. IT advanced citizens can use new mobile and media channels. The less IT savvy citizen is also assured of being able to “bridge the digital divide” thanks to the creative use of biometric, wireless and conventional e-services, often combined with a human touch.

Jury Evaluation: 

Part of the Singapore Government portal is the Central Provident Fund, the pension fund. CPF has revolutionised the service delivery model by offering my cpf, a suite of retirement planning e-services. The services are available and accessible to government, employers and all citizens, regardless of their IT experience, contain personalised information, and are customised according to the citizen's life events. With my cpf the citizen can keep track of his built up saving. By using calculation tools and games the citizen can simulate his situation in the future and get advice concerning retirement planning. The platform is 24/7 and available worldwide, both for computer savvy citizens or through an assisted service.

Pension has been a delicate subject in the past years in many countries as people hardly were able to see how much pension had been built up. By personalising the system, people can learn how much has been built up, but they also can see how what they have to do to remedy underfunding at different stages in their lives. Users can transfer money into the system, when needed.

My cpf is highly accessible. Besides the navigation, pages can be read to the user. For people not savvy with computers there is assistance by telephone. An SMS service is working pro-actively to keep the CPF members informed about changes in the services. My cpf is offered to 3,34 million CPF members (citizens and permanent residents as well as companies) since it has been launched in September 2010. Annually surveys are held regarding transparency and satisfaction. My cpf has brought about a strong cost savings of mailing hardcopy statements by 1,15 million US dollar annually. The transactions of the e-services have increased to 46 million in 2010, while the transactions at the counter have decreased by 46 per cent in the same year.

The governmental service of the Central Provident Fund is an impressive suite of e-services in terms of impact. Personalisation and accessibility have greatly contributed to this success.