My name is Haas

Original Title: 
Mijn naam is Haas
Mijn naam is Haas

My name is Haas is a transmedia concept from the Netherlands for young children, age 3 to 7. Via 8 different themes, children experience the rich world of Haas and his friends. A unique and serious game is the core of the concept.  The world of Haas is designed to fit the target audience seamlessly. The game increases very young children’s vocabulary, stimulates their story comprehension and challenges their problem-solving skills, all in an interactive animated setting. The main character Haas, a hare, is the archetypal child. “Haas” knows nothing, but his name. The combination of lack of experience and a philosophical nature gives rise to Haas’ original twists of mind. Children create an interactive story by simply drawing the character Haas’ world and creating solutions to problems. Haas quickly gets into conflict with the other characters who are much more adult, leading to comical situations. My name is Haas is currently used in two versions: at home and in classrooms. In addition to the online game, there are CD-ROM’s, picture books and zigzag books with circular stories. My name is Haas won the prize for the best serious game in the Dutch Game Awards. Check out::

Jury Evaluation: 

"Mijn naam is Haas" or My name is Haas from Netherlands is an entertainment and learning game presented by a Rabbit “Haas”, targeting children from three to seven years of age. My Name is Haas instils both the novice smartness of kids and the learning with fun in a very pleasant, vivid environment with greenery images suitable for the little ones.

Haas takes the kids for a journey between trees and hills and makes them learn by simple moves and clicks. Haas speaks to and interacts with them by requesting solutions and actions to some of the hurdles facing Haas in his journey.

It is a very engaging, educating and entertaining product. It is crafted around narratives, which develops kids’ vocabulary, enhances the story comprehension and listening, and helps parents by providing means to have fun with their kids.