Science Learning Hub

Original Title: 
Science Learning Hub
New Zealand
The University of Waikato

The Science Learning Hub promotes student interest and engagement in science by providing contemporary, contextualised resources for school teachers from Years 2–10. The Science Learning Hub showcases science using multimedia. It demonstrates the relevance of scientific research to our everyday lives. The website provides a link between science research organisations and science teachers fulfilling an identified need in science education. The Learning Hubs are a national project funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and managed by the University of Waikato.

Jury Evaluation: 

The richness and the high quality content, added to the high level and smooth design are behind the success of this wonderful educative and learning portal. It covers a wide range of scientific areas and the content is of high quality and suitable for all students and teachers. Although this Hub is designed for New Zealand people, it is very useful for all countries as good scientific reference. The portal explains and showcases New Zealand’s cutting-edge science sector, providing teachers and their students with a contemporary and engaging view of our science research, supporting identified needs in science education. The portal includes many featured collections such as classroom-ready resources, multimedia collections, teaching strategies and starter ideas, plus shot-on-location videos, interactive content and subject matter-based timelines. The portal is also showcasing New Zealand science and innovation to the world and demonstrating how this sector is contributing to local and global science.