You Tour


You Tour uses the latest generation iPods to offer a multimedia tool which enables tourists to conveniently and fully explore the cultural heritage of their holiday destinations. In an educational, entertaining and interactive way, the user is guided round their chosen destination, their route enriched by a wealth of content. Not only are the tours well documented with location maps, digital reconstructions, photographs, illustrations, animations, videos and instructions; a regularly updated directory of museums, restaurants, shops and services ensures that the tourist wants for nothing. Under the title ‘survival kit’, information on embassies, currency, and emergency phone numbers can be accessed. And that’s not all: You Tour ensures that the hapless tourist is never stuck for words, offering an audio/photo dictionary which contains useful phrases in the local language. Available in multiple languages and for an ever-growing number of cities and heritage sites, this comprehensive package can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes store. For more information visit the website

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